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Welcome to angel wishes

Angel Wishes is a new registered charity set up in 2016 in memory of two of my children, Helen aged 3 and Brian aged 10, who both sadly passed away with cancer related conditions.

Angel Wishes support all children throughout Northern Ireland with cancer related conditions.
When your child is diagnosed with a cancer related condition your world is thrown into turmoil.

We are all volunteers and 100% of all proceeds raised through fundraising and donations goes directly into supporting our families

Financial Support :
Both parents have to leave work indefinitely with many of them on unpaid leave.  Our families can not apply for any government support ie. PIPS or Carers allowance until twelve weeks after the initial diagnosis.

Angel Wishes send all our newly diagnosed families £1500 to help relieve some of the financial pressures they find themselves in.

If a child has to go across the water to go through a potentially life saving bone marrow transplant Angel Wishes donate £500 to every sibling in the household.

This helps our siblings with the separation anxiety as they are left at home often with family friends...this can be up to 6 months or maybe more.

Our parents can sit with the siblings before they leave and prebook flights so they can go and visit their parents, this helps change the children’s whole mind set. It is no longer Mum and Dad leaving them as they are now excited they’ll be going on a plane to visit Mummy and Daddy.

A simple plan like the above can help our families so much throughout this journey.

A simple trip to the shop with your child is a thing in the past as they are unable to mix with others for fear of catching an infection which they would be unable to fight.

Our families are kept isolated from extended family and friends. The entire journey leaves the parents fearful of meeting people and being constantly concerned about infection others may carry.

Angel Wishes will bring as much normality back to the family as possible with private viewing at the cinema, private bowling nights, private outings to pantomimes and shows ...the list is endless and means so much to our children and their parents to have a little taste of normality without the added risks.

Education :
Angel Wishes is the only charity in Northern Ireland to provide our children with AV1 No Isolation educational Robots.

The aim is for the robot to be in the classroom, representing our child (the pupil), who is linked to an iPad, (provided by ourselves as a gift to our children)

The child is attending class by being linked up to the Robot and can interact by the robot recognizing the child logging in and putting their hand up to ask a question or for assistance with a topic being taught.

These are incredible devices and have made such a change to our children both educationally and socially.

Devastatingly we will have children who no longer respond to treatment and are receiving palliative care.

At this stage Angel Wishes will endeavour to give our families as many wonderful memories as possible, it may be days out together, private family photo shoots, anything the family would like at this stage of treatment we will endeavour to provide.

Memories live on forever in our hearts .

Angel Wishes is ran purely by volunteers with 100% of all donations going directly back into supporting our wonderful children and their families and providing wonderful moments throughout their entire journey.

Without the generosity of people like yourselves we would be unable to help our families throughout one of the hardest times of their lives.

Angel Wishes Helping Children Smile Again.

Angel Wishes

NI Charity Number: 104725

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